About Lawrence Hargrave Centre

Welcome to the Lawrence Hargrave Centre (LHC), dedicated to preserving, commemorating and furthering knowledge about Lawrence Hargrave, one of the world’s leading aviation pioneers of the nineteenth century. Wilbur Wright regarded him this way, and the first commercial aircraft to fly in the world were called ‘The Hargrave’.

Through this website the Centre is providing information about Lawrence Hargrave, and opportunities for further education and research, for school children and adult researchers. This includes activities commemorating Hargrave, such as the Public Schools Living Lesson Kite Day held biennially in November.

The website is LHC’s virtual centre. LHC has as an aim a more physical presence in Stanwell Park, a place where tourists and educational groups can learn more about Hargrave and his work. Thus far LHC has erected a Heritage Display in Stanwell park, and, thanks to IMB sponsorship, has commissioned several models of Hargrave’s most significant contributions to Aviation, such as the Radial Rotary Engine, stable wig surfaces (box kites), and curved wing research.

It is hope that these, and other models, can one day be housed for public display and easy access in Stanwell Park.
LHC welcomes ideas and information, which can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our aim is to draw attention to the pioneering contribution that
Lawrence Hargrave made to the development of human flight,
as well as championing his interest in the natural heritage
and cultural development of Stanwell Park.

We are available for exhibitions, displays of Lawrence Hargrave models and educational activities.
Contact the Secretary
info [at] lawrencehargravecentre [dot] com for details.