Lawrence Hargrave...  

Following a fantastic meeting between LHC members and HARS (Historical Aircraft Restoration Society) on Saturday 7 October 2017, the Lawrence Hargrave Centre has a new home. 


HARS are making space freely available to LHC to set up a permanent display honouring a truly great Australian. 


After the meeting LHC members were treated to a tour of the facility which houses an impressive display of aircraft.  Located just south of Sydney at Albion Park, if you haven't been it really is a wonderful day out. 


This is a great outcome for LHC and we look forward to telling others about this remarkable Aussie from the comfort of a fine facility.






The campaign to have the new second airport named after this famous Australian pioneer has its own Facebook page lawrencehargraveairport.

Please visit and show your support for this largely (and wrongly) forgotten great Australian pioneer who changed the world. 






Our aim is to draw attention to the pioneering contribution that
Lawrence Hargrave made to the development of human flight,
as well as championing his interest in the natural heritage
and cultural development of Stanwell Park.

We are available for exhibitions, displays of Lawrence Hargrave models and educational activities.
Contact the Secretary
info [at] lawrencehargravecentre [dot] com for details.